This past week, I came across a notion which resonated with me in a big way.  I watched a video called ‘Travel Where You Live’ by Sebastian Linda on his website,  He discussed an idea similar to that of the ‘staycation’, but which went beyond simply vacationing near home in order to save money.  As I was watching, I became aware that his idea was more about a way of living.  To me, he seemed to be discussing it as a way to change one’s perspective on one’s life.  Many of us get caught up in the ritual of day-to-day living and we often don’t notice the wonder that is all around us.  Often we assume that we are familiar with everything about our homes and areas.  Such assumptions can keep us from seeing the adventures and new possibilities still there, hidden in plain view.  Seeing and experiencing your day-to-day life as a traveller could be as simple as walking down your street with new eyes or as adventurous as seeking out some thrilling local activities which you have yet to try.  It is about noticing how different things look through the eyes of a traveller, and the new experiences which lie beyond that.



I know that when I travel, I am a different person.  I am more observant and appreciative. I am more adventurous and do things that I would not normally do.  Though I may be a bit anxious to try such things, I am usually glad that I do.  At the heart of it all, I feel very present and am literally vibrating with life.  Isn’t that an amazing thing?  Now can you imagine feeling that everyday??  As Sebastian says, it is a matter of perspective.  It may take time, but it is possible to alter how you see, interpret and experience your everyday world. I am looking forward to break out of old habits and visit new places, try new things and talk to new people.  To lure out that adventurous me that I have only seen in other countries.  Unknowingly, I have begun this change in perspective through my photography. I mostly shoot locally and have discovered, and am still discovering, beautiful and interesting pockets of nature in my area.  This has gotten me into the habit of looking around, wherever I am, to see if there is something new which I have yet to notice.  I know the thrill I get from doing this, and so I am looking forward to extending this into my non-work life.

The icing on the cake is the science behind it.  Not only does this mind set make the everyday more interesting, it could possibly lead to a healthier and happier you.  Trying new activities can lead to increased confidence, improved physical fitness and even the acquisition of a new skill. Research also indicates that stimulating our brains with this life of discovery, exploration and adventure translates into enriching environments which have been shown to create new neurons as well as nurture the newly formed ones.  That all sounds pretty good to me.

However big or small, let the travels begin!



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