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West Coast Photography

It is here that I find my solace.

Peering into tidal pools, marvelling at the microcosm of life that abounds. Witnessing sunrise cast its emerging glow over a liquid horizon. Gazing upwards amongst a triumph of cedars to recognize their connection, their history, to this sacred place. In my photography the West Coast serves as my willing muse – Ucluelet’s tempestuous coastline; Port Renfrew’s sensual abundance; the Salish Sea’s Gulf Island sanctuaries; Oregon’s immense, awe-inspiring shore; the wild nooks disguised in plain sight within Victoria’s cityscape. I believe that amid the haste of urban life, we crave visual reminders that we are connected to something bigger, something infinitely simpler. I share my photography with you who are nostalgic for your West Coast roots, you who want to transport the outside in, you who yearn to remain plugged into the world beyond walls. Thank you for supporting my passion.

An Introduction to Art Collecting

If you are like me, the thought of art collecting may never have crossed your mind.  You are aware of it and probably imagine wealthy individuals with mansions and walls covered in large, impressive looking pieces.  Well, this morning, I was reading a newsletter I...

Ucluelet, Here We Come

I am just in a summer fun mood, so I am going to continue with the theme of travel.  One of my favourite places to visit is Ucluelet which is located on the west coast of Vancouver Island, Canada.  It is about 40km/25 miles south of Tofino.  From Victoria, it is a...

5 Open-Air Art Galleries to Visit

Summer is here and it is time to travel and be outdoors.  Why not add a bit of art into the mix by visiting an open air art gallery?  There are so many good ones out there, covering a range of genres and mediums.  Here are 5 that caught my interest. 1....

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Canadian Wildlife Federation
BCSPCA (Speaking for Animals)

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